200th Birthday Celebration Of Robert Mushet

Title: 200th Birthday Celebration Of Robert Mushet, Steel Pioneer
Location: Coleford
Description: This event celebrates the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Mushet at Tump House in Coleford. The celebration will be held over a period of 3 days.

Exhibitions: There will be exhibitions at The Main Place, Old Station Way, Coleford from 10.00.am to 4.00.pm daily.  Also at Dean Heritage Cente, Soudley.  For further information telephone 01594 836469.

Friday 8th April ~ 10.00.am: Country Market with stall holders wearing 19th century clothing. Small animals, blacksmith and other craftworkers will be in attendance.

Local schools involved, with children dressed in period costume singing and playing traditional music. The children will also walk through the town to Robert’s birth place then to The Main Place and back via Mushet Walk to the town centre.

Mr T.Evans, Town Crier will be proclaiming the birthday of Robert Mushet in various parts of Coleford.

3.00.pm ~ 5.00.pm: Cream Teas at Tump House (Now the Forest House Hotel and Bluebell Restaurant. Admission by ticket £3.95 per head. available form The Main Place or Forest House Hotel. Limited numbers. Tel: 01594 832424

Saturday 9th April ~ 10.00.am.: Country Market with local food producers.

10.45.am.: Mr Ian Standing will be giving a talk on the life of Robert Mushet at the Main Place.

1.00.pm: Dancers in the town centre.

Sunday 10th April ~ 11.00.am and 3.00.pm: Conducted Tour commencing by Forest House to visit the sites of the Dark Hill Ironworks & Titanic Steel Works at Gorsty Knoll, returning to Coleford via Edenwall.  Limited numbers, bookings through Coleford Area Partnership, Main Place (Telephone 01594 836469)
Start Date: 2011-04-08
End Date: 2011-04-10

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  1. John Timbrell says:

    reading in the Review that you wanted publicise Mushet more, I thought that the National Trust would be the ideal organisation to do this as they have a huge membership and publish each year places open to the public and apart from the Kymin there is little in the FOD to vist that is owned by the NT. I don’t even know if the sites are privately owned and I doubt if the Trust would be interested until the restoration works were done; However just a thought to bear in mind and it might be worth negotiating with them as they have a great knowledge and experience of how to fund projects like yours. I could visualise the Darkhill works in it’s beautiful location with an added tea room attracting huge numbers to the site; and dreaming even more, wouldn’t it be marvellous if the Dean Forest Railway extended to the site.

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